For the restaurants, resorts, etc, a kitchen is an important place, because the dishes are created from here. Moreover, this also plays an equally important role at home where members’ families have warm meals. Therefore, any incident will significantly affect the situation of the business as well as the activities of the family. Especially when the sink drains slowly or is clogged, it causes difficulties for housewives when they prepare food. Moreover, it brings a negative impression on customers when they visit the business. So what causes the above situation and how is the solution?

1. What causes the above problem?

The sink does not drain water mainly due to the following reasons:

Excess grease: causes blockage because the process of food preparation, animal and vegetable fats, and oils will follow the water flowing into the pipe, causing “clumps” to obstruct water movement. Besides, excess grease is discharged along with food, other dirt causing the above situation.

The sink drains slowly

The size of drain pipe: when your family needs to use the dishwasher at a high frequency but you use a small drain pipe, the waste will not be treated in time, leading to drainage and slowness at the sink.

Detergents in soap are also agents making for the corrosion of pipes. Therefore, it reduces the quality of use of the exhaust pipe, causing a blockage for the entire system, obstructing the drain.

2. Signals about drainage situation and effective solutions

We need to know the specific signs to avoid blockages in the sink as well as take appropriate handling measures for each stage, to limit the damage as well as an inconvenience in household activities family, and business.

Stage 1: Signs of slow drainage appear. 

This is the first stage when the water in the tank drains slowly to form small tornadoes at a slow speed but it is still able to escape. However, they are signaling that grease, dirt, etc starting to accumulate in the pipes, narrowing the pipe space and hindering the drainage.

Solution: Because this is a new stage in the formation of a blockage, you can use boiling water to pour slowly into the pipe, allowing the grease to decompose and clear the pipe quickly.

Stage 2: Water drains slowly, rising back to the surface

At this level, grease, garbage, and dirt are densely packed in the pipeline, it is difficult for the water to drain. Especial, if the water open for a long time, it will cause the water to rise back to the surface. And if we ignore this situation, the drain pipe will become more and more serious, because then the grease has caked with garbage, etc completely covers the pipe, leading to drawback solution.

Solution: Because the blockage at this stage has already begun to be serious. Therefore, we can no longer use boiling water to solve the problem, instead of using BioFix Grease to solve the above problem. Because these are microbial products eating grease, they are safer than other drain cleaners as well as provide quick results.

In addition, the amount of grease that accounts for a certain amount daily. Therefore, you can still use BioFix Grease to keep the microbial cells in the pipeline well ventilated for a long time, avoiding the “clumping” of grease in the pipeline.