Currently, the rubber process is a developing industry in our country. It adapts to the diverse needs of people. With a high export rate, the rubber industry brings even more value. Along with these benefits, the environmental quality caused by this industry is also a concern. In particular, there is the problem of the bad smell of wastewater when it can affect the environment and human health.

Where does the bad smell of rubber wastewater come from? And any solution to limit them.

1. Why does the processing of latex cause the above problem?

Natural latex contains a large amount of protein, sugar, lipid, carotene, organic matter, inorganic substance.

Bad smell

Latex processing uses many chemicals: formic acid to coagulate the latex. So the wastewater is acidic.

Organic substances such as proteins and carbohydrates biodegrade in an acidic environment. They form many different gases such as NH3, H2S, etc. So the treatment is an important problem needing to be solved.

Bad smell

2. In which area does the bad smell arise?

With the above characteristics of rubber latex composition, it will quickly oxidize and decompose organic matter. With a retention time of 1-3 days, an amount of large odor-causing ingredients will be produced. Moreover, at each stage of rubber latex processing, it will create specific characteristics in wastewater:

• Production area

Freezing process: This is the highest polluted concentration in wastewater. Because serum ingredients are left after draining the pus. Moreover, the amount of chemicals used for freezing is still in suspension form: excess rubber and other substances: protein, sugar. That is also the cause of the low pH of wastewater (4.5-5.2). However, COD, BOD, TSS concentrations are very high.

Centrifugal latex production process: the wastewater at this stage still contains some amount of centrifugal rubber and NH3 during centrifuge cleaning. It leads to high pH (9-11) and very high total COD, BOD, TSS content.

The process of producing impurity latex: the main stage of wastewater formation, having different suspended substances, impurity containing a lot of sand, etc. It leads to high TSS and low BOD and COD.

• Wastewater treatment area

It will arise from 2 main reasons as follows:

Due to the coagulation of the organic matter of the wastewater from the drainage ditch to the collection tank on the surface of the water. It leads to rapid anaerobic fermentation and the formation of exhaust gases.

The wastewater treatment system leads to incomplete treatment of the residual organic matter in wastewater. Impact on the lives and health of the people around

3. Solution to treat the bad smell of rubber wastewater

There are many solutions and technologies applied to deodorize rubber wastewater treatment systems. However, we need to determine the area of ​​odor formation and the condition of the system odor. Finding solutions is not only highly effective but also safe and economical.

a) Gas washing tower

The technology uses activated carbon to absorb and process substances dissolved in water. With a complete chemical removal mechanism and no biological disturbance. Thereby, helping the system to operate continuously, helping to reduce odors. Unaffected by variable load conditions. Therefore, the main advantage of this solution is its high reliability and flexibility.

However, that is also a big challenge of reducing, in reducing chemical use and costs when maintaining the treatment process.

b) Ozone technology

With the mechanism of adding ozone to odor-causing areas by ducts with ventilation ducts to remove odor compounds. Ozone is a strong oxidizing agent, and it reacts very easily, forming less odorous substances and controlling odors. That’s why ozone can treat more than 1000 different odor compounds.

c) Biotechnology

Currently, with the global trend of the green economy, most companies choose solutions with high efficiency and environment-friendly capabilities. Therefore, probiotics are always their top priority, because they completely adapt to the above needs. However, there are many products on the market that make you wonder, BIOFIX SOC – S is the deodorant that you should be concerned about at this time. Because:
• Completely natural ingredients, helping to promote biodegradability and safe to use. Especially, it is not corrosive to equipment.

• With integrated 3-stage technology is a combination of microbiological and chemical technology to help control bad smells closely, increasing cleaning ability.

• Besides, produced in liquid form should activate quickly, no need to soak before use.

Therefore, BIOFIX SOC – S can completely meet the above requirements