The amount of  household waste  is increasing and there are negative impacts on the environment such as odors from the decomposition of organic matter, sewage leachate containing concentrations of high pollution or ” enemy ” flies raging in the  beach, mounds of garbage, transit centers, waste treatment plants . These problems not only negatively affect the environment but also seriously affect the health and lives of people around. Understanding that,  BioFix  provides biological solutions for  the solid waste treatment industry  as follows:

1. Odor control solution

The anaerobic and anaerobic decomposition of organic wastes in domestic waste  forms a large amount of gases such as CO2, CH4, NH3 and H2S, volatile organic matter. This bad smell seriously affects the health and life of the people around and the workers working here. Biofix SOC-E  is probiotics are specifically designed to handle odor naturally different sources of such  garbage, mounds of garbage, garbage trucks ,  transit centers for garbage, old factory waste … Is there FDA certified safe for humans and pets.

2. Wastewater treatment solution

Leachate contains very high concentrations of BOD, COD, levels of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, heavy metals and pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore, the biological treatment system needs to maintain microbiological factors, Biofix 5B aerobic  probiotics ,  Biofix Ammonia probiotics , BioFix 114 anaerobic  microorganisms  are effective tools to increase treatment efficiency for the system. biological treatment.

In particular,  Biofix 5B probiotics  are used for aerobic technologies such as  aerotank, SBR,… . And probiotics  Biofix 114  used for the  UASB tank anaerobic system . To  promote ammonia transfer and free nitrogen conversion in  anoxic and aerobic tanks  of leachate, we need to add  Biofix Ammonia . BioFix ‘s  microbial products  with high microbial density promote the decomposition of complex organic substances and reduce COD, BOD, Nitrogen, etc. as well as reduce residual sludge in wastewater.

3. Composting solution

In domestic waste, it is estimated to contain  50-70% of organic waste  and contains many nutrients. However, manure needs to be composted before being applied to destroy pathogens, weed seeds, larvae, etc. To shorten the composting time to  less than 45 days  (moisture <30%) and at the same time  improve quality. The amount of finished manure  needs to use the solution of adding Biofix Composting product to the  composting  process.

It can be said that the model of domestic waste treatment by microbiological technology not only solves the problem of environmental pollution in the dumps, landfills, and waste treatment plants; but also has the dual benefit of turning waste into a resource, bringing economic value when recycled into products for human use. At the same time, reducing the rate of landfill waste and other secondary pollution to the environment.

4. Fly control solution

The litter box, the garbage transfer area, the waste treatment plant , etc. are a place that provides an abundant food source and is also an ideal place for flies to lay eggs. Therefore here often ” enemy ” flies raging, causing serious impact on the lives of people around and transmit pathogens to humans and pets. Agita 10 WG  is a specialized product used to kill flies effectively, imported from Elanco corporation. With a dual-action mechanism of action: contact and absorption to help control flies effectively, quickly and with outstanding efficiency.