After a long Tet holiday, most people feel difficult, even depressed, when they have to return to work. To regain balance after playing for a long time, try the following methods with Biofix Fresh.

Stop fantasizing about playtime

Every fun has to end at some point, playout and work. Quit daydreaming about past playtime. Because staying awake until 3 am watching movies and then sleeping in until noon only makes your spirit go down. Therefore, try to remind yourself, try your best, do your best to have a complete vacation in the coming time.

Decorate the desk

Maybe you don’t know, just a little change in life, especially a small space (personal desk) is enough to make your mood better. To quickly get back to work after a long vacation, you can take some time to organize and refurbish your desk. A neat, tidy desk will breathe the fresh air into your spirit.

Plan for the new year

Instead of sitting back and dreaming about the happy times that have passed, use that time to set goals and plans for the new year. By setting goals for the new year, you will have more motivation to try and be more inspired to work.

Planning is very important, the more detailed and clear your plan, the clearer and easier your destination will be. Therefore, planning for the year not only helps you regain the spirit of work after Tet but also helps you live a more planned, goal-oriented, and meaningful life.

Review your work schedule and take notes on things to do

Review your desk calendar, sticky notes…to get an overview of what progress is in progress. Check back in the next few days to see if there are any meetings, projects, and tasks that need to be completed urgently. This will help you have an attitude of being prepared for what is to come, not being “overwhelmed” by dozens of tasks that you do not know which one to deal with first, which one later.

Ignore the things that can affect you

To get back to work smoothly, you have to wholeheartedly cut off the things that might get in the way of your work. Turn off or leave the phone vibrate, log out of social networking accounts, close entertainment applications on your computer. They will no longer have the opportunity to disturb you every second.