The rubber industry is one of the important manufacturing industries of our country today. With significant contributions to the national budget and opening up many job opportunities for people. Especially in the period of economic integration. Besides these opportunities, there will certainly be many difficulties and challenges for the industry. It is environmental pollution. In this article, BioFix Fresh wants to send you some of the impacts of the rubber industry on the living environment today.

1. Wastewater pollution.

The main cause of water pollution is the high BOD, COD, TSS content in rubber wastewater. Besides, coagulants lead to biodegradation and consume a large amount of oxygen in the water.

Moreover, the characteristic low pH concentration, from 4.2 to 5.2, makes the wastewater acidic. The cause comes from using acid to coagulate rubber latex.

The above characteristics will seriously affect the environment such as:
• The nutrients in the soil are decomposed, affecting the growth of plants in the soil.
Polluted water directly affects human health.
Unbalance the ecosystem.


2. Solid waste pollution.

Solid waste is a product created in the production process. And it usually derived from:

During the daily life of employees: mainly food, easily decomposed organic substances.

In the production of the goods: because of poor quality products, defective products, or agricultural wastes: rubber mine chips, packaging, removed during the production process and become waste.

Although they are not toxic, people do not handle them properly to create a bad smell. Besides, it leads to polluting soil sources and adversely affecting groundwater. Moreover, the bad smell coming from the landfills will attract intermediate disease-causing species: flies, mosquitoes development.


3. Air pollution.

In production activities, toxic gases are generated during the processing of rubber latex: H2S, NH3, CH4, CO… Which have the same characteristics to cause acute poisoning to humans and animals. Moreover, they are also the cause of climate change, especially the emissions that create the greenhouse effect.

In addition, these gases will arise at different stages such as the rubber drying, rubber freezing process. Therefore, the release of these gases into the environment easily causes serious effects on workers’ health such as pulmonary and cellular respiratory disorders, weakness, convulsions, confusion heart failure.


Thus, BioFix Fresh has just reviewed some of the dynamics of the rubber industry to the living environment today. Hopefully, this article brings valuable knowledge to readers as well as your work.