Buildings, buildings, commercial centers are places where many facilities are gathered, including apartments, offices, restaurants, shopping,… The characteristic of buildings is that the concentration of numbers people. So the garbage, waste, and sewage will follow.

In addition to the competitive advantage of convenient location, full amenities, comprehensive solutions to environmental problems for buildings also play a very important role. If there is not a comprehensive solution to thoroughly handle the problems right from the start of operation, the building after a long time of use will cause problems such as the odor of public toilets, the smell of the sewer. the floor at the toilets, the condenser drainage line of the air-conditioning system are turned off, the wastewater treatment system’s wastewater does not meet the output standards and a host of other problems residents face. Directly affect customers, residents living in the building as well as investors.

1. Chlorine filter core provides Vitamin C

First, when it comes to the water filter, we have to talk about the water source. Normally, clean water sources often contain a chlorine to kill bacteria and impurities in domestic water, but extremely dangerous for the excess chlorine will damage the skin, hair and other diseases. More dangerous is the production of compounds THMs (carcinogens from water).

That is why Rita Fresh provides you with clean water, with a powerful and outstanding chlorine effect. Not only removes chlorine but also combines essential nutrients for your skin. Vitamin C Essence, essence from snails gives you the most complete to beautify your skin. Safe for all ages, especially young children.

You have been interested in daily drinking water filtration, do not forget the source of daily bath water!

2. Rita BioEz toilet cleaner box

According to Live Science, toilets are home to millions of different bacteria, causing many digestive tract infections and a variety of other ailments for adults and children. Regular cleaning with detergent is extremely important. But the outside shine of the toilet hidden behind it are unpredictable dangers that many families have yet to realize. So cleaning the toilet every day or every flush is a matter of time and effort.

The Rita BioEz toilet cleaner will be the perfect solution for you. Just putting the product in the radiator, then rinsing the water, helps kill bacteria right after each rinse. The product is used for 1200 discharges (2-3 months on average). In particular, the product contains billions of beneficial bacteria that naturally clean, acid-free, caustic and harmless.

3. Microbiological treatment of the BioFix Septic septic tank

The septic tank / septic tank is an indispensable device in any construction site. It is a storage place for solid waste (such as feces, urine, grease, and some other organic waste, …)

Here is the process of decomposition of organic matter, feces, waste, … of anaerobic microorganism group, then this waste will be decomposed in the septic tank into liquid forms. When the waste fills the tank we have to keep using it. Under the septic tank, there is always an amount of natural microorganisms to decompose organic matter (manure, paper, sludge, …). But these microorganisms are small and even killed by detergents, chemicals, …

This is the reason that causes the septic tank to fill up and smell bad. Therefore, need to supplement Biofix Septic probiotics periodically every month. To restore beneficial microorganisms to promote the decomposition of organic matter in the septic tank. Extend the time of tunneling.

4. BioFix SOC-S pipeline deodorizing bacteria

After a period of use, the floor drain or your home pipes suddenly has an unpleasant odor. Unpleasant odors radiate “smoldering” from sink pipes, sinks, floor drains. The odor continues to emerge from the wave, or the faint odor is very unpleasant, even though you have done the cleaning routine.

This is due to the accumulated dirt in the sewer pipe for a long time causing bad smell or from the bad smell from the septic tank coming up the pipeline. When you have problems with pipe odor, just mix Biofix SOC-S with water and put it in the pipe. The solution will eliminate odors in pipes by breaking odor-causing links such as: H2S, mecaptan, …

For best results you should use this product with BioFix Septic.
Note: For optimal results, every day, after your family’s evening activities are over, add BioFix SOC-S deodorant preparation directly into the pipe and leave overnight.

5. Rita 3.0 toilet deodorizing pads

Male urinals are essential equipment used a lot in public toilets such as commercial centers, schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels … When using the urinal, the problem of urine splashing on the wall of the sink pee and friend are inevitable. With a large number of people, the smell and dirt on the floor are even worse. Even without going to the bathroom, standing a few meters away you can already smell a bad smell. For restaurants, hotels, it not only annoys you, but also affects the image in the eyes of customers.

Therefore, Rita 3.0 toilet deodorizing pads will be the optimal solution for you. Products with unique double-sided anti-splash design and pleasant aroma. Helps prevent urine splash in male urinal and effectively deodorize.

6. Microbiological treatment of pipe grease

Pipe congestion due to excess oil and grease is a headache for housewives, restaurants, hotels, restaurants, … Severe congestion requires the use of sewers at a very “expensive” cost. Also, using regular chemicals regularly will corrode pipes and damage. So which solution is recommended by experts?
That is the microorganism that processes BioFix Grease 100% imported from the US:
The product is derived from natural microorganisms, does not cause corrosion on the pipeline.
– Microorganisms in the product will digest the grease accumulated in the pipeline quickly.
– Prevent pipe blockage caused by grease.
– Reduce odors in pipes

7. Microbiological treatment of ammonia

Domestic wastewater has its own characteristic of high nitrogen content. In order to effectively treat domestic wastewater to meet the discharge standards, it is necessary to combine many treatment methods together. Domestic wastewater will be collected and brought to the treatment system, garbage in the wastewater will be kept in the raw garbage barrier and the wastewater will flow into the grease separation tank. Then wastewater will flow into the regulating tank, where the wastewater will be pumped into the tank without air and ammonia treatment takes place. So we need to add probiotics to promote the treatment of ammonia by biological methods.

8. Aerobic micro-organism wastewater treatment

After the treatment in the tank lacks gas, wastewater will continue to be sent to the aeration tank for treatment. Here, the decomposition of dissolved organic substances such as COD, BOD, … takes place by microorganisms takes place. Additional probiotics are needed to accelerate this decomposition.