The Covid-19 pandemic has left a lot of heavy impacts on the world: such as people, property, and the environment. When a series of plastic products such as splash shields, food packaging, plastic bags, etc become more necessary than ever. In an OECD report, in 2021, there will be about 353 million tons of plastic waste in the world, but only 9% of it will be recycled. And more than 22% of waste is not treated the right way, causing leakage to the environment. It directly affects the quality of life of humans, ecosystems, and other living species.

Therefore, the management of solid waste, especially plastic and packaging waste, is always the top concern of countries. And the circular economy model has, in recent years, been seen as the solution to these difficulties. Focusing mainly on the direction of sustainable production and consumption, renewable resources in a dual cycle, reducing emissions to the environment, and creating more values ​​for the economy, society, and the environment. Therefore, m many countries are gradually changing the linear model to a circular economy model. Solve the above problem on the environment but still ensure economic development.

Understanding the implications of the above trend, BioFix Fresh has chosen “recycling and reducing” as its sustainable solution in the country’s circular economy period. Launching the line of microbiological products to treat odors with a capacity of 20 liters is with virgin plastic material. It is a new campaign to continue its previous efforts to transform green packaging and gradually apply circular economy in the production model.

Products packaging change includes three types:

1. Microbiological treatment of wastewater odors, livestock barns BioFix SOC S
2. Microbiology of waste odor treatment BioFix SOC – E

3. Microbiological treatment of waste odors BioFix SOC – T

The selected packaging is non-toxic primary plastic for people. The characteristics are high durability, heat resistance, etc. The packaging completely preserves product quality, suiting for high ambient temperatures in wastewater treatment systems of the vast majority of enterprises. Besides, the natural white color of primary plastic, so the plastic processing will become simpler than other colored plastic lines, creating more value for the recycling industry.

With an ecological design and a capacity of 20 liters, the above products not only help optimize transportation costs and storage space but also increase new experiences for customers. And more specifically, towards the common goal of reducing single-use packaging in production and packaging.

Thereby, BioFix Fresh wishes to raise consumer awareness about reducing plastic waste. And creating green values ​​for the environment of Vietnam in general and the world. In particular, through its small actions.