Rapid economic development creates great pressure on the environment, ecosystems, and biodiversity. Biotechnology has played an important role in preventing environmental pollution and building a circular economy.

BioFix Fresh Co., Ltd (BioFix Fresh) provides sets of breakthrough biological solutions to solve environmental problems with modern biotechnology – safe – friendly to people and the environment. A biological solution is a collection of product lines derived from beneficial microorganisms and active enzyme systems to help promote the decomposition of organic matter, recirculate existing waste sources, and reduce the polluted environment.

Biological solutions for wastewater treatment: Renewing energy sources

Wastewater treatment is becoming part of the circular economy by integrating energy recovery, water reuse, and biological sludge. Microorganisms play an important role in the metabolism of complex organic compounds, removing carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and trace substances, and at the same time generating biogas for production processes such as drying, furnace, etc.

However, the amount of microorganisms present in the natural bioremediation system is relatively low, and the treatment capacity is limited and unstable. Therefore, we need to periodically add microbial products to increase the density, providing more active strains of microorganisms to help the biological system work efficiently and stably.

At BioFix Fresh, microbial strains are isolated specifically for each type of wastewater with different compositions and properties to help maximize the treatment efficiency of the biological system. In climate change, energy shortage, and resource depletion, the energy recovery wastewater treatment methods are an important part.

Bio-composting solutions: Turning waste into a valued resource

Every year, the amount of organic waste discharged into the environment is very large. According to statistics, in 2020, the total volume of agricultural by-products and manure will be more than 156 million tons/year, organic waste 19 million tons/year. The huge block of raw materials seems to be discarded, if invested and handled properly, it will create a nutritious organic fertilizer to help improve the soil, limit landfill waste, pollute the environment, and solve the problem. The price of chemical fertilizers is continuously increasing.

The application of microbial products to support the composting process helps promote the decomposition of organic matter, creating a source of high-value and nutrient-rich organic fertilizer. Besides, microorganisms also help shorten the composting time to less than 45 days (moisture < 30%), saving labor costs. Proper and efficient disposal helps to make the most of the available organic waste and promotes the move towards a zero-waste circular economy.

Biological solutions to treat odors: Contribute to reducing carbon emissions

The process of decomposing organic substances from manure, and waste treatment factory create odors originating from gases such as NH3, H2S, CH4, NO2, etc. It is not only harmful to human health but also to the greenhouse effect. BioFix Fresh’s microbial solution for odor treatment works on a 3-stage mechanism. Thereby quickly controlling and completely decomposing organic odor-causing agents. The product is safe for people, pets, and the environment.

Thanks to the unique mechanism of beneficial bacteria in the product, it helps to prevent toxic gases arising from the decomposition of organic matter. It contributes to reducing carbon emissions and other pollutants in livestock activities.

Biological solutions to treat pond water: The key to sustainable biology

The fisheries industry in general and shrimp farming in our country face many difficulties and challenges, especially the disease situation on farmed shrimp is complicated, causing great damage to farmers. BioFix AQT pond water treatment product helps to supplement and restore beneficial microorganisms, thereby promoting the decomposition of organic matter and controlling algae.

Through the experiments of BioFix Fresh, BioFix AQT is very effective in treating aquaculture pond water: COD was reduced by 15 – 30%, BOD decreased by 20 – 40%, bottom sludge by 10 – 20%. It prevents and limits diseases, increasing survival rate, increasing economic efficiency by increasing productivity, reducing drug costs, and improving output product quality due to less use of antibiotics. The application of probiotics in pond water treatment is now considered an indispensable support solution for the aquaculture industry, which is both sustainable and stable for development.

With the above benefits, the application of microorganisms has solved urgent problems in environmental protection today and promoted the circular economy in the world. BioFix Fresh is constantly perfecting sets of unique – breakthrough biological solutions to bring more sustainable values ​​to businesses. Moreover, to protect the environment in Vietnam and the wider region in South East Asia.