Plastic pollution, also known as “white pollution”, is a global problem when 300 million tons of plastic waste are released into the environment every year. And in Vietnam, the problem of plastic waste has been on red alert as one of the countries with a huge amount of waste with 1.8 million tons per year. It means 4,000-5,000 tons of waste having 7% – 8% is plastic and nylon, causing very serious problems not only with the natural environment but also with people’s health. Therefore, reducing plastic waste, especially single-use plastic waste, is a challenging journey for any country and requires the joint efforts of government agencies, businesses, and consumers.

BioFix hopes to show responsibility to the environment and community to reduce plastic waste in the world in general and Vietnam in particular, with the most modest contributions – BioFix has been offering an alternative solution disposable plastic bottles with glass bottles for the 350ml product line for the purpose of reducing plastic waste, supporting the recycling process, and green economy.

Products that are changed packaging include the following 5 types:

  1. Microbiological treatment of wastewater odors, livestock barns BioFix SOC-S;
  2. Microbiological treatment of waste odors BioFix SOC-E;
  3. Microbiological treatment of waste odors BioFix SOC-T;
  4. Microbiological treatment of room odor BioFix SOC-L;BANNER LAUNCHING SP SOC E (ENG) - Copy-01
  5. Microbiological treatment of grease BioFix Grease Liquid.BANNER LAUNCHING SP GREASE ENG-01

In addition, the product has a minimalist design with a capacity of 350ml, which is more suitable for the segment of small livestock customers, households, small hotels, homestays…

Glass packaging was chosen because it is a material that can be recycled many times and reduces single-use plastic waste. In addition, customers can also reuse packaging after using it for many different purposes, which will limit energy consumption as well as greenhouse gas emissions, especially saving raw materials. . However, the effect of the material is maximized, the glass sorting process should be carried out before entering the processing step. Moreover, BioFix will reveal to you a way to “transform” glass bottles after use that can be recycled into items such as vases, containers, or recycled into single chandeliers. simple, make flower baskets…

Through these small efforts, BioFix hopes to raise awareness of consumers and the community to promote recycling activities and reduce the amount of single-use plastic waste. BioFix step by step continuously realizes its commitments and responsibilities to society, the community, and the world in protecting the environment together from the smallest things.