On the morning of March 24, 2021, the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, branch in Ho Chi Minh City (VCCI-HCM) held a new membership admission ceremony in 2021. Attending the event were the Board leaders of VCCI-HCM and 40 new members admitted for the first phase of this year.

At the admission ceremony, the Board of Directors and representatives of VCCI-HCM’s Departments and Centers made a welcome speech to the new members and introduced in detail the functions and activities of VCCI-HCM to the associations. New members know the information and actively register to participate.

Through the ceremony, Biofix Fresh officially became a member of VCCI.

Biofix officially became a member of VCCI

Biofix Fresh prides itself on providing optimal biological solutions for environmental problems in homes, companies, factories or restaurants, hotels, … with modern-safe biotechnology. , friendly with humans, pets and the environment. During that journey, BioFix Fresh constantly strives to build a prestigious brand image in the Vietnamese market, with the orientation of expanding into foreign markets. Therefore, this is an opportunity for BioFix Fresh to cooperate with the Vietnamese business community in domestic and international relations.

Admission decision Biofix Fresh is a member of VCCI

At the new businesses event in general and Biofix Fresh expressed their excitement to officially become a member of VCCI-HCM and expected to receive support from VCCI-HCM in trade promotion activities. trade, investment and capacity building for businesses, business cooperation and connection with members in the VCCI system.