The stench from the decomposition of organic matter attracts flies to find food, lay eggs, and create a plague of flies. Agita® 10 WG with fast-acting, outstanding performance provides the ultimate fly control solution for livestock barns, waste treatment plants, and food processing facilities…

When people’s lives are turned upside down

The number of flies spiked, infiltrating people’s houses, making life upside down. The “fly war” has turned people’s lives upside down. Flies appear everywhere, from the house to the alley. In particular, at every hour, flies fill the tray of food and chase it. This becomes a concern of people because flies carry many pathogens affecting people’s health.

Besides, flies are also a concern of farmers. Flies appear to be a nuisance to livestock. According to statistics, cattle have to move their bodies once every 10 seconds to combat the nuisance of insects, especially flies. Reduces livestock productivity and animal quality due to many pathogens.

Agita® 10 WG solution to kill flies

Agita® 10 WG is a specialized product used to kill flies effectively, imported directly from Elanco corporation. Agita® 10 WG with fast action, outstanding efficiency, providing the ultimate fly killing solution.

Features of Agita® 10 WG

  • The smooth of bead: Agita® 10 WG fly killer is granular so that it does not cause dust and dissolves easily in water.
  • Long-lasting residual time: Retention time depending on weather conditions ranges from 4 to 8 weeks (ideally 6 weeks). Note: Avoid direct sunlight or wind in the area where Agita is to be used.
  • Fast kill: Agita effectively kills flies and bugs within minutes and besides, has low resistance to drugs. Helping to quickly reduce flies in and around the perimeter outside the area to be treated.
  • Multiple ways to apply the product: paint, spray
  • Safety: the product is safe for people and pets

How Agita® 10 WG. Works

Active ingredient Thiamethoxam: active with good contact characteristics and focuses on the nerve receptor of the fly leading to excessive nerve stimulation to help kill flies effectively


Attractant (Z)-9 tricosene: which attracts both male and female flies to the spray area.



Agita® 10 WG is granular and readily soluble in water forming a suspension used flexibly by painting, spraying, and brushing.

For paint, sweep:

Dissolve 400 g of Agita® 10 WG in 320 ml of warm water to make a paste, enough for 160 m2 of floor space or 320 – 480 m2 of wall or ceiling area respectively.

Paint at least 30 spots, each with an area of ​​​​10 x 30 cm, on the places where flies often gather, outside the feeding and drinking troughs. For places where there is not enough paint space, sweep the fly killing board and hang it up.

For  spray:

Dissolve 400 g Agita® 10 WG in 3.2 liters of warm water in a vessel for 80 m2 of floor space or 160 – 240 m2 of wall or ceiling space respectively. Spraying in small clusters to reach about 30% of the wall and ceiling area can also effectively kill flies. Spray where flies often gather, such as damp places, walls, cattle barn partitions, …